WordPress + Git = ♡

VersionPress is a free and open-source version control plugin for WordPress that supercharges your workflows:

  • Undo any change, easily
  • Branch & merge full site incl. database
  • Simplify team work


Jeff Chandler

This could be the next big thing

“a ground-breaking plugin for all developers”
“easy to use testing and staging area and you have a winner”
Torque Mag
“addresses a problem I still haven’t seen anybody solve”
“brings the power — although not the complexity — of version control to WordPress”
“VersionPress is able to produce smaller backup sizes”
From Facebook group AWP

The Problem

Possibly the best thing about WordPress is how simple it makes most things. Just a couple of clicks and there you have new plugin installed, a shiny theme activated, that annoying user deleted, and so on. People love this, and we do too.

There's a flip side to it, however. Most actions are irreversible and done straight on the live site, which is dangerous. What if a plugin had a bug? What if you your client did something stupid? These things happen and are unpleasant to deal with.

Meet VersionPress

In simple terms:

VersionPress tracks all the actions in a WordPress site and simply offers an undo button for them. For example, if a plugin update failed, the undo button reverts its files and any database changes the plugin might have made.

Even better, VersionPress provides painless staging. This means that you can easily create a safe testing environment for your changes and only merge them back when they are ready. Merge is the key word here – VersionPress handles situations where your live site had new content in the meantime seamlessly.

In technical terms:

VersionPress brings the power of Git to WordPress. We version-control both files and the database, in a clever way that is friendly to diffing & merging.

The point is that you can manage your WordPress site as any other software project. Push and pull from GitHub, create pull requests for new content changes, review them in a team, merge into production later, etc. It all works very seamlessly, in a way that WordPress developers could hardly imagine before. VersionPress is all about workflows.

VersionPress features

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Automattic change tracking

Table of versions

New commit is created for every change, be it a new post, plugin update, theme customization or anything.

Both files and the database are tracked.

Undo and Rollback

Revert feature

Returning back to a previous state is trivial and you don't even need to know Git.

You can also undo just specific changes from the site's history.

Selective Undo

Smart undo feature

One of the nicest features: you can selectively undo a change without affecting the newer updates. For instance, you can return to a previous theme while maintaining newer content.

Easy staging

Staging feature

Staging is crucial for reliable updates but traditionally very hard when it comes to merges. VersionPress takes the pain out of it, similarly to how Git helps with files.

Database merges for real!

Efficient backups

Backup feature

VersionPress is extremely space-efficient. A site with hundreds of updates will still usually take just a few MB.

The backup is continuous – no need to worry about backup periods, period.

Your tools, your workflows

Custom workflow feature

No matter how you manage your site – admin screens, WP-CLI or manual commits – VersionPress supports that.

Any Git client can be used to work with VersionPress' repository.

Ships as a plugin

Plugin feature

Sounds trivial but is actually a big achievement and tribute to WordPress' extensibility. VersionPress is one of the most complex plugins out there.

Works behind the scenes

Works behind the scenes

You can install and forget VersionPress, it will do its work silently behind the scenes. It will be there when you need it.


Internals feature

Git is one of the best version control systems out there and we're proud to bring its power to WordPress.

Get VersionPress

🙏 Please note that VersionPress is a Developer Preview, use it with care. If you want awesome workflows today, check out

  • everything is hosted for you
  • built-in undo & rollback
  • enhanced team workflows


Q: This sounds awesome! Do I need to know Git?

It helps but we try to make everything user-friendly via wp-admin. You can also check out where Git is moved from the WordPress level to our backends so this is ideal if you're just starting.

Q: Can I use VersionPress with GitHub, Bitbucket etc.?

Yes, all standard Git workflows work, see e.g. this blogpost.

Q: Is VersionPress free? Do you plan to monetize it?

VersionPress is 100% free and there will be no "Pro" version or anything like that. To financially support its development, we also run a hosted service which we would love you to check out but is completely optional and separate.


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